Madisyn Epps-Johnson

Self Presentation
Digital photography
dimensions variable

About the Artist

As an artist, I’ve always been curious about identity and have explored what it means to exists in the world. I began by spending time with my friends and documenting their everyday life whenever I was able to. Eventually, I became more curious about my own being rather than that of my friends and thus have started a self portrait series.


Artist Statement

In March 2020 I, like the rest of the world, faced the beginnings of a global pandemic. Streets were clear, traffic was nonexistent, toilet paper was sold out, and we were disinfecting everything. By April of 2020 our country decided to officially close all non-essential business operations and we were all met with stay at home orders. In these months I experienced what I would consider the biggest change to my mental health that I went through in a while. Routines that I was doing almost every day came to a halt and thus my desire to create anything. During that time however, I began to witness a shift in what I felt was important to document and so began my ongoing project, Identity Crisis.