This is a curatorial collaboration between Rebecca Potts, host of Teaching Artist Podcast and a teaching artist currently teaching TK-5th grades, and Maria Coit, creator of Curated for Kids and a middle school art teacher.

This exhibition space shares contemporary art to both highlight emerging and mid-career artists and inspire teachers and young people. We pair work with videos and lesson plans, making exhibits accessible as teaching tools.

About Teaching Artist Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to discussions of teaching art, making art, and how those things overlap and feed each other.

It was born out of a desire to highlight artists who teach kids while maintaining their own studio practice. It dives into how making and looking inform teaching and how teaching informs making. We discuss the nitty gritty details of time management, classroom management, and studio management. What does a day or a week look like for a teaching artist? How does a full-time art teacher fit in their own art-making? How did that one student change your art practice? How do you share your life as an artist with students?

About Curated For Kids

Curated for kids started with a desire to provide quality, age appropriate contemporary art images for middle school art students as daily warm ups.

The art covered by conventional art education resources is often hundreds of years old and lacks relevance for today’s children. Experiencing contemporary art dealing with contemporary issues is crucial for helping children learn to interpret and discuss art.

Curated for Kids offers age-appropriate visual art content with suggestions for questions and prompts to consider during discussions with children. These resources are available free for educators in schools or parents at home.