Timothy Furey

construction paper, glitter paper, neon paper, oil pastel, pencil, colored pencil

About the Artist

Tim is an exhibiting artist, printmaker, and book designer based in New Jersey. He is from a rural area of southern New Jersey called Pilesgrove. Tim grew up in a suburban development surrounded by expansive farmland and animal ranches. After one of Tim’s parents retired from teaching at an elementary school, he inherited craft materials like construction paper, crayons, glitter, and glue sticks used in educational projects. Tim was drawn to these vibrant colors and papers based on a desire to return to a simpler time while challenging norms in composition, materials, and drawing.


Artist Statement

My mixed media work is about childhood craft materials and playful curiosity. There is a primal, naive aspect to the mark making combined with an energetic spark in life that sustains you into the wilderness of imagination. These mixed media pieces are examples of walking into that chaotic void with purpose and experience rather than being consumed by the rage, never to return. I use the same cheap arts and crafts materials you would find in a hobby store or school to express myself. I use simple, innocuous craft materials to challenge the norms of color, composition, figure ground, and materials.