Autumn Geer


About the Artist

I was about 12 years old when the simple drawings of trees flowers and over simplified people I had be creating started to look boring. It was at the moment where my “art” stopped pleasing me that I think I stepped into the shoes of an artist. Over the past 11 years, alongside attempting to improve my artistic skills and voice, I have explored different veins of interest while searching for a solid career path: I have many interests that sometimes bleed into my work such as linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and science. Today, I am a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Cedarville Ohio as I complete the final year of my studio art degree. Although rooted in drawing with graphite, my materials have expanded over time to include printmaking, painting, bookbinding as well as ceramics and woodworking. I appreciate having a multitude of materials at my disposal, as I have found that each material has its own unique voice when it comes to communicating a specific concept.


Artist Statement

My work centers around the idea of interaction with the goal of understanding and healing. I think most people want to understand others, themselves, as well as how they fit into Reality. Everyone has a wound to heal from and a question to wrestle with. Psychological themes tend to dominate much of my work, as I am fascinated by the capacity of the human mind for grand experiences of pain, joy, terror, or connection. I sometimes strive to illicit a reaction from my viewers often a visceral reaction of fear; however, I also create interactive work with the intention of sparking new conversation or simply giving a viewer a fun experience that involves more than just the sense of sight. I enjoy art as a vehicle for dialogue over hard-to-talk-about topics, such as death, fear, morality, mental-illness, and racism. It is my opinion that in order for humanity to understand itself, it is the responsibility of the individual not merely to challenge herself but to engage with others through some means; art is mine.