Heather Lowe

Cloud Dog
20 x 25 in

Meet the Artist

About the Artist

Heather Lowe’s artwork is concerned with perception, following the tradition of Optical Art. She was born in Santa Monica, attended SAMO High, SMCC, City College of San Francisco, and UC Santa Cruz where she studied many art techniques such as etching, Chinese Brush Painting, figure drawing, and sculpture. She began exhibiting her optical paintings through L.A. Artcore in Los Angeles and continued exhibiting her paintings for fifteen years. Lowe then discovered stereo photography which led her to lenticular media. Lenticulars allow a viewer to see a changing, moving image from different perspectives. She has worked with lenticulars for over fifteen years creating flip, morph, animation and 3-D effects and continues to explore new ways to employ this medium to her art.

Her artwork has been exhibited widely, including the Annenberg Beach House Gallery, the Neutra Institute Gallery, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, bG Gallery and a recent solo exhibit in Monaco. Heather Lowe currently resides in Los Angeles, and works at her studio, B1, Keystone Art Space.

Her full resume can be seen on her website and her current work on instagram @hl5hl5.