Nadine Montille

Autumn Lilies
Acrylic on canvas

About the Artist

Nadine Montille is an artist and educator from Mauritius. She earned her BA Hons. in Fine Art from the University of Mauritius in 2001 and has been painting ever since.

Having showcased work abroad, she is working continuously on different projects to share the beauty of our surroundings. She has exhibited work at many institutions and galleries including the National Art Gallery of Mauritius, the Palais de L’Unesco in Beirut, La Kaz Zanana in Seychelles, Roccart Gallery in Florence, Italy, and Art Mums United in the Czech Republic. In 2020, she was a webinar speaker for “Mauritian Artist Diaspora” organized by ZeeArts in Dubai, UEA.

Artist Statement

I am influenced by my travels, by cultural diversity and the idiosyncratic experiences I encounter. My roots, lay deep in Mauritius, where I was born and lived until my 30s. Described by the novelist Jean Rhys as “wild and lush, sometimes the earth trembles; sometimes you can feel it breathe. The colours are red, purple, blue, gold and all shades of green.”

Deeply connected to nature and the tropics, I seek to represent the link between man and his tropical surroundings, connecting us through time and space. Form and colour are entwined as I compose tropically inspired botanical forms; the frilly gecko, the spices, the warmth all is the essence of my work.

The boundless colours unique to the tropical traits of South East Asian region. Guided by foliage, my compositions represent a deep understanding of the natural world and an awe of its unpredictable flow. My work incorporates bold, somewhat delicate shapes of intuitive abstraction. The natural complexity of colours lead to a dreamy organic composition of feminine perspective, both lush and abundant.