acrylic on canvas

About the Artist

Denise Gasser is a fine artist, art facilitator, and mother of four young boys.

Her paintings attempt to lift the veil on the appearance of things and reveal a kind of magical order within. Though subject matter varies, her work consistently embodies tension between organic and geometric, order and chaos, reality and dreams. Her work has exhibited in the US and Canada and is owned/commissioned by private collectors.

Reconciling art and motherhood is an important theme in her practice and social presence. She founded the Art After project — a series of small paintings that occur in one sitting and must be ‘finished’ once she is interrupted. This project has had a large global reach on social media and acted as a catalyst to facilitate a larger conversation about the challenges and rewards of making art after motherhood. Art After has shown in galleries and the individual pieces are found in private collections around the world. Denise has also extended her passion and creative experience through artist talks and workshops in the US and Canada.

Denise has lived and worked in the Bay Area, Vancouver, BC, and now resides near the mountains of Utah with her husband and four sons.

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